Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Outlaw Gage

Most of you know I work mornings at Mountainside Fitness and Gage gets to play in Childcare for a couple hours during my shift-- except for the next 2 weeks because he was suspended!! My 1 and 1/2 year old angel was suspended for throwing toys at other kids' heads! Over the last month he had been written up twice, and a 3rd time is suspension.
I was really blown away when they told me cuz I just didn't think it could be real for 2 reasons: #1)Why is my Baby Gage throwing toys like he's trying out for the minor league? He is not allowed to throw! #2) He's not 5 years old! Are they seriously suspending him??
The best part is they told me that they had tried to talk to him about it-- and he didn't understand!! Well that's just crazy cuz him and I have heart to heart discussions every frickin day!! C'mon, really people?
Well, I sure hope his record is expunged in the next couple years because I'd really like to get him into a good preschool. I can't have him running around with this type of black mark on him...


Ryan & LeDawn said...

ha, ha, ha!!! Sundae I am dying! That is hilarious! Maybe he should be an angel for halloween!

The Blair's said...

Poor Gage, how has he been holding up the past few days?