Monday, June 16, 2008

San Diego

It has now been over a month since we went to San Diego, but I'm just getting around to uploading the pictures... We had such an awesome time, we stayed right on the beach in the Beach Cottages and I will NEVER stay anywhere else again!! Gage loved running into the water but he would freeze as soon as it touched him. That's because it was pretty freakin' cold, and I could only get my feet wet as well. Ha ha ha! I just had a mental picture of Aaron running and diving into the water on the last day so he could think to himself that he is NOT a wuss. Pretty sure he died for a quick second... The whole weekend was, however, the perfect weather aside from the water. We are going to make it a tradition to go every year right before the prices peak. The only thing that sucked was driving home, there has to be a better way! It's so boring between Yuma and Mesa, and who lives in Gila Bend??!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Listening Ears

My first official blog will be dedicated to what occurred in my home only moments ago.

Sundae: "Hooby," (I have his attention) "listen to what happened on Wednesday night..."

(Aaron has already lost focus and turned his head back to the t.v.)

Sundae: "Ahem! Are you listening to me?!"

(He slowly turns his head towards me, eyes still fixed on the Goonies on t.v.)

Sundae: "I know you're not paying attention to me if you're looking at the t.v."

(No response)

Sundae: "Nevermind." (I am irritated)

A few minutes later... and coincidentally a commercial...

Aaron: "Are you mad about something?"

Sundae: "Oh, it's nothing!"

This is the end of the dialogue. He does not press why I'm irritated, nor does he ask what it was that I was trying to tell him in the first place. If I never spoke again, I'm not sure he would notice.

This is only a test