Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stephanie the Bridezilla

A couple weeks ago I went to North Carolina with a couple other bridesmaids for Stephanie's wedding--it was so fun!! I mean the no child, sleep as late as I want, take extra long showers part!! I love you, Gage, but I'm not gonna lie... It has been so long since I had just hung out with girls, and I forgot how fun it could be. Besides the bridal shower and bachelorette party we didn't do a whole lot besides eat a hoards of food, and it seemed like we spent a lot of time getting ready. And holy crap, I ate a lot of food.

Everyone had prepared me for how humid it was going to be in N.C., but even so I was NOT prepared for the 2000% humidity which occurred the day of the wedding... We started planning an "accidental" fall into the pool- which never happened because during dinner the groom's grandfather jumped in and stole our idea!!! OK, well he didn't jump, it was mostly a fall, and it wasn't on purpose, and to this day I can't really laugh as I replay it in my head... Grandpa is fine, don't worry!!

Here is the happy couple and horses...

The bouquet toss, everyone's favorite... Sascha won!

Now it's our turn, move over Gramps and Sascha!!!
Oh no, our hair is about to be ruined... ;(
After stuffing our faces full of yummy dinner and cake and sending the newlyweds off, we went back to the Bodhaines to- you guessed it- eat some more!!! Thus ending a beautiful week of laughter and tears... just kidding that was quite cheesy. But seriously, weddings of close friends are always somewhat bittersweet to me because it's such a huge change and nothing will be the same again. Like the saying, "you're not losing a daughter, you're gaining a son!", I'm not losing a friend, I'm gaining a... friend's husband...? I'm not sure that saying is going to catch on...

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Ryan & LeDawn said...

I LOVE that you jumped in the pool! That is awesome! And North Carolina is beautiful!!!